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What is eden?

Designed for people with disabilities who expect privacy, independence, and dignity. At Eden we have developed the industry’s youngest and best-designed health care properties, delivering the next generation of exemplary care and offering our residents the utmost quality of life.

a Community for ages 22+

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Everyone Deserves equal nobility

Eden provides supported living services to people living with disabilities who wish to live in a community setting with one-on-one support. At Eden you can live independently and take part in your own decision-making. We support each person in the way that fits their life, providing supports that are unique to their needs, goals, and dreams. Eden is about personal choice, dignity, privacy, and individuality. 


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Our Neighborhoods

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Fox Valley


South Shore


Quality Housing With Support Services

Eden is a lifestyle designed for people with disabilities ages 22 and older who expect a better quality of life. At Eden, a person can live amongst their peers in exciting neighborhoods, while taking comfort in knowing there are licensed health professionals available to assist with daily living activities and health emergencies.

is eden your new home?

At Eden we pioneer managed care for your scheduled and unscheduled needs, as well as, personal assistance in advancing your development on a daily basis.

  • Assistance with Daily Activities

  • Social and Recreational Activities

  • Housekeeping

  • Laundry Service

  • 24-Hour Response Staff

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