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eligibility requirements

  • 22 years of age or older; and
  • Have a disability as defined by the Social Security Act; and
  • Be screened by HFS and determined that Eden is appropriate to meet your needs; and
  • Provide proof of income/assets sufficient for residency; and
  • Pass background/credit check; and
  • Let us know what a great person you are; and
  • Demonstrate your ability to comply with reasonable rules of residency.

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First, make sure you fill out the form above and click the SUBMIT button or drop off your application so we can get you on our waiting list.  We can’t do anything until we get a complete application.

Then, once we get your completed application, we will request a Determination of Need (DON) screen. Our staff can direct you to the state screening agency as they differ by location (if you are coming directly from a nursing home, we’ll just need a copy of your DON screen from the nursing home). If the screening agency determines that you may have a mental disability, the agency will conduct an additional screening to make sure you are aware of all the eligible services, and that you can choose to receive services for your mental disabilities in the most integrated setting possible. You may still choose to receive services from Eden relating to your physical disability if found otherwise eligible. You are entitled to receive a complete mental health screening from the State Division of Mental Health including recommendations for levels

Upon completing the screen and learning you qualify, Eden will conduct your financial/background/credit history checks, management and our wellness team will perform wellness assessment including: Reviewing your medical history based on objective facts relating to health care and behavior, and describe in detail the services Eden can provide.

Upon completing the screen and learning you don’t qualify, Eden will: Provide you with information if you wish to appeal the screening and Eden will request proper documentation state screening agent (findings, written rationale, notes on state forms, etc.).  Remember our mission is to serve people living with disabilities by offering accessible, residential lifestyles where they can find support with their activities of daily living and preserve their privacy, dignity and independence.  So, don’t be shy to ask us for help.


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Choosing Eden you will receive care from our team of people that devote themselves to serving people with disabilities.  We hire people who believe in implementing our Mission and values each and every day. To prepare for their role in the community, all new employees gain additional trainings, including sensitivity training, one-on-one care training and all of our rights and safety trainings.

Our staff includes management, wellness team, engineering teams, dining teams, activities personnel and so many more.  We are dedicated to our mission and we recognize and celebrate our employees and their achievements by encouraging and cultivating them and their skills.

Supportive Living is an assisted living model administered by the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services that combines housing with services for persons 22 and over with disabilities. The program is designed to preserve privacy and autonomy while emphasizing health and wellness for persons otherwise needing nursing facility care.   Eden was the first Supportive Living Facility in the country to focus specifically on people living with disabilities such as Multiple Sclerosis, TBI, stroke, kidney failure, spinal cord injury, kidney failure, and we support so many more.  We support living in private apartments while utilizing many different services designed to meet unique needs and remaining as independent as possible.

We’d be happy to go over our fee structure with you. We realize that people may have limited incomes. Typically, the cost of living at Eden is as little as a third of the cost of renting one’s own apartment while paying for meals, utilities, and part-time care. Rent and all services and amenities are included in Eden’s single, simple monthly fee. Qualified residents eligible for financial assistance under Medicaid may be able to receive financial assistance for their care at Eden (please ask our marketing representatives for more information).

Eden communities are expertly designed to help you maintain your independence. From well-appointed common areas to spacious apartments you can personalize.  It’s your new pad, so make it a home and decorate that bachelor(ette) pad, or if you’re a quilter, go for it.  All we ask is that you don’t paint the place or attach anything that could be dangerous or permanent.  Talk to one of our engineers for further information. 


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